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Desktop Security

Computers are now an integral part of most people’s everyday lives. Even most people that don’t explicitly use a computer for work, will have a home computer, and in most cases this will be connected to the internet. No matter what your level of usage, it is important to protect your computer from malicious attacks by viruses and other malware, both from the internet and other sources. The level and complexity of security you need is dependent on your use and potential level of exposure to treats. If you are concerned about your computers security, you currently don’t have any or you have one of those free trials that have long since expired (which is worse than having no security at all because it breeds a false sense of security), then we can help by installing and setting up security measures for you.

In addition to individual desktop security we can also offer advice and solutions to protect your home or office network and users as a whole. Through the use of a gateway/firewall system between your network and the internet, all network traffic can be monitored and filtered. This not only means your entire network is protected from viruses, malware and other forms of attack but you/we can monitor, filter and restrict other forms of traffic. For example, if you have a business and you suspect your staff are spending way too much time on non work related websites, you can block access to these. In a home environment you can protect your children from coming across less than desirable content by accident, while still allowing them access to the internet for researching school projects and keeping in touch with friends and family.

For more information or to arrange an appointment, please contact us.

desktop security
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